Kyoukai no Kanata in one night

Last night I was in the mood to rush an anime and someone suggested me Kyoukai no Kanata. I downloaded all the episodes and sit in front of my computer and then an idea popped in my mind: what if I track what I feel and think about the show episode over episode? And thus this article was born. Don’t expect any deep analysis of the show, these are just my ideas building up from the first episode to the last.

Other things to point out: I didn’t rushed it in a single night (even if that was the plan) but rather in a night and a morning with a 5-6 hours sleep break since I wanted to enjoy the show correctly, not to half-sleep-watching it. This article could contain some spoilers, you’ve been warned!

Episode 1: nice start: Mirai is a complete different character from what I supposed looking at fan-arts, I like her even if she’s a bit dumb; the opening and ending themes are really wonderful. Animations are breathtaking.

Episode 2: the fight scene was so awesome I can barely describe it. I like the idea of “not all youmu are evil” this add a fluid nature to creatures that are supposed to be bad giving the show a better structure than a mere good-evil dualism. Also this is getting really interesting.

Episode 3: I may be wrong but the youmu‘s drops and the “I’ll trow you the thing cause I’m superior” really made me think of Madoka Magica‘s grief seeds; the scene immediately after seems to confirm this thesis since the guy says something like “youmus come from people’s twisted hearts, jealousy and malice”. I want a fetish club too. I really love that the ending starts during the last seconds of the episode and not directly after it, it give a nice fading feeling.

Episode 4: it appear that the Hollow Shadow is able to create labyrinths to trap people into just like witches in Madoka Magica, maybe I’m pushing this whole thing a bit too much far1. I have the feeling that Sakura wasn’t real but indeed a fake entity created by the Hollow Shadow, that should explain her sudden disappearance. Well, I wouldn’t have thought that Kyoukai no Kanata is such a gore show. The second part of the episode was wow and really that wasn’t the real Walpurgisn… I mean, Hollow Shadow?

Episode 5: why gardening seems suddenly that interesting to me? Sakura wasn’t an hallucination, why my theories always get refused in 1-2 episodes? This was a kinda useless episode, I’ll bet that more useless episodes will come.

Episode 6: so this is the famous idol episode, another useless episode but Future Star is such a great song.

Episode 7: that cool magic-gun effect made me jump off my chair. Let me report the best dialogue in the whole show:


“Kuriyama Mirai” *jumping out of the window*

An overall cool episode.

Episode 8: this whole lull thing is getting interesting.

Episode 9: the show is getting serious again. Damn, it’s getting so interesting.

Episode 10: we finally get to know something about Mirai’s objective and that was cool. This is so great, the show can end really well but there’s still the possibility for a last minute plot-rush (that is no good).

Episode 11: the first half of this episode was incredible sad and made me feel really unpleasant and void; that’s how animes should work. I’m incredibly hyped for the last episode.

Episode 12: a great end for a great show! Maybe this can be a bit confusing but it made me feel good. I am totally satisfied with this show, it made me happy! It made me feel void in episode 11 and then filled that void with the last one, wonderful. The head-pat scene was a 10 out of 10. I wasn’t expecting an happy ending at all, so that kinda surprised me.

Overall I’ll give this anime a 9 out of 102. Sooner or later I’m going to watch the movie as well. In order to conclude I highly suggest you to watch this anime if you haven’t done it yet and, to convince you, here’s the wonderful ending: Daisy.


  1. I’m just a bit obsessed with Madoka Magica, please excuse me.
  2. Now it’s a 78/100.

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