Here’s some information about this blog written in form of FAQs because I’m not able to write an information section in normal prose.

What’s this blog about and why?

As the name suggest this is a blog about speculations, my speculations. I really love speculations, especially complex ones, I love to read them and to write them myself, I love to get trapped in speculations like a fly in a web.

So here you’ll find various speculations about various things; I mainly enjoy mathematics, philosophy and Japanese animation, but I’ll probably write on anything I want to write about or, see below, anything I want to read a speculation about.

Why is this blog name Speculaltive We(e)b?

Speculative Web come from the fact that I really enjoy to get myself lost in speculations, as I have already said, to get trapped in speculations like a fly in a web. The (e) come from the fact that I really like Japanese animation1 (and of course I like to speculate on animes as well).

Why did you started the blog?

I’ll let Muramasa-sensei2 answer you:

Books are the ultimate form of entertainment and is by far the best way to pastime if you find the right book just for you. Because I can’t find such a book, I write them for myself instead.

So I started the blog to write the speculations I want to read, not to seek fame, impress anyone or tings like that.

Why do you have an Essays section? Why don’t you publish everything via blog articles?

Because I like to write speculations I enjoy the most as essays. The essay give me a better way to organize thoughts than a simple blog article, more space and make me able to organize references and citations better. I also really enjoy typesetting with LaTex, so essays have their particular section on the blog and are available for reading/download as pdfs.

Shortly: blog articles are generally shorter and deal with not-so-much-elaborated thoughts that randomly pop in my mind; essays still deal with thoughts that randomly pop in my mind, but that were elaborated for a period of time thanks to further researches on the topic.

Who are you?

I’m just an high school student in Italy.


  1. Just to say: I am far away from being a weeb in the exact meaning of the term (that you can find here).
  2. Senju Muramasa from Eromanga-sensei, a kinda bad and thrashy anime; but sometimes you can find something good in it.